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Simply Upholstery

Step-by-Step, Renewing Your Favorite Furniture

You can reupholster a favorite, worn out chair or sofa, and add small details that make it really perfect for your home. Simply Upholstery shows in pictures and words that the process of reupholstering is not a mystery meant only for the pros; it can be analyzed, mapped, planned and accomplished.

Upholstery, unlike slipcovers, is integral to the furniture. When you strip your chair or sofa of its old cover, you note and document the process. Your notes, and the old fabric pieces, create your map for replacing the covering, and the furniture itself acts as your guide.

Part One: Be Creative takes you through the planning process, item by item, so you won’t miss a single detail of the design considerations, fabric requirements, and trim options. You’ll evaluate fabric in terms of color, pattern, texture, sheen, and weight. Embellishments to consider include matching or contrasting welting in the seams; flat, pleated, or gathered skirts; and decorative trims such as fringes and tassels.

Part two: Techniques is a step-by-step examination of all the general techniques, walking you through the process of reupholstering a typical wing chair. You’ll analyze your furniture and get to know the tools and terms of upholstery. You’ll learn how to measure and estimate yardage, strip the old fabric, repair the innards, and cut the new cover. You’ll study basic construction techniques, and finally, put on the new cover. Options for handling other common types of furniture are also offered.

Part Three: The Process presents the same steps explained in Chapter Two, with 50 full-color photographs to let you clearly understand the whole process.

Upholstery has been a mystery for too long. Using the watchwords: Be Creative, Be Focused, Be Confident, this book guides and coaches to help you get great results.

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Publication Date December 1, 1997
Dimensions 8-1/4" x 10-3/4"
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