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Simply Pillows

Pillows are accessories that offer unique versatility. Adding a pillow or an armful of them to your sofa or chair lends color, pattern, interest and comfort to the entire room. And yet making pillows can be easy.

Simply Pillows is the concise guide to pillow making. The book is packed with inspiring design ideas and includes nearly forty projects with detailed illustrations and practical, step-by-step instructions.

Part One: Be Creative encourages you to imagine pillow possibilities by showing pillows in many different styles and settings. You’ll analyze how the pillows are to be used, lern about the overall design process, and choose the appropriate materials.

Part Two: Projects features a selection of pillows, bolsters, slips, and shams, and the illustrated instructions for making them Designs range in style from casual to tailored, sweet to sophisticated. Most projects are simple to make, even with little experience; a few are a little more challenging. Several projects include special Designer Details, construction or trimming techniques that add special flair and can be adapted to other pillows.

Part Three: Basics clearly explains the planning, cutting, and sewing techniques, and concludes with a handy guide to essential pillow-making materials.

The possibilities for pillow design are virtually limitless as are the options for fabrics and trims. With this practical guide, you’ll find it impossible to stop with a single pillow!

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Name Editors of Sunset Books
Bio For more than half a century, Sunset Books has been helping readers remodel their homes and improve their lives.
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Publication Date December 1, 1997
Dimensions 8-1/4" x 10-3/4"
Number of Pages 128
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