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JoAnne Liebeler's Do It Herself

Everything You Need to Know to Fix, Maintain, and Improve Your Home

Statistics show that 85% of women are or expect to be solely responsible for a home at some point in their lives. And single women now comprise the second largest group of home buyers, just after married couples. Author JoAnne Liebeler approaches home improvement from a woman’s perspective, with a blend of expertise and wit that women will appreciate. This book was created specifically for the woman of the house, with detailed explanations of how a house works, how it was built, and how its systems function. JoAnne elaborates on what tools work best for a woman and why, how to succeed at do-it-yourself projects, and when to call in outside help. Everything is covered: Walls, floors, plumbing, electrical, exterior maintenance, and common repairs. And with special sections on pest control and home safety/security issues, this is a must-have reference.

About the Author
Name JoAnne Liebeler
Bio "JoAnne Liebeler has worked in the home-improvement industry as a television host and producer since 1987. Bridget Biscotti Bradley is a writer and editor who has produced more than 20 home-improvement books."
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Publication Date February 1, 2007
Dimensions 9-1/2" x 10"
Number of Pages 252
Number of Photos 400 photos/20 illustrations