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O's Big Book of Happiness: The Best of O, The Oprah Magazine

Wisdom, Wit, Advice, Interviews, and Inspiration

O’s Big Book of Happiness offers you more than 100 wonderfully written, empowering articles that will turn your life around, whether you’re fighting loneliness, illness, self-doubt, or a crisis of faith. World-class writers, artists, entrepreneurs, and political leaders, such as Alice Sebold, David Sedaris, Elizabeth Swados, Richard Branson, and Barack Obama, open a window on the life lessons that have galvanized them and set them on the road to joy. Among the in-house experts offering advice and comfort, financial adviser Suze Orman defuses the minefields of money management, and life coach Martha Beck clues you in on how to handle your most intractable critic—you!—while Dr. Phil sheds light on the push-me-pull-you confusion of intimate relationships. Be prepared for unconditional honesty and reality-based solutions, even if you think you’ve hit bottom and there’s no place left to go. As Oprah writes in one of her essays, “Everything in life happens to help us live.”

About the Author
Name Editors of O, The Oprah Magazine
Bio Every month, 16 million readers look to O, The Oprah Magazine for inspiration and advice to live by.
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Publication Date October 1, 2008
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Number of Pages 336
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