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LIFE Picture Puzzle Around the World

In recent hit books, "Life" has focused on themes including Vacations, Animals, Holidays, and Mysteries. Now, readers go on a tour of the whole wide world in a vibrant, colorful book that is a fun travelogue as well as a super-fun game book. Can readers spot the differences between this Eiffel Tower photo and that one? Can they find the changes in this version of the Great Wall of China? "Life's Picture Puzzle Around the World" is the perfect companion for readers going on a trip or vicariously traveling - and puzzling - from their armchairs at home.

About the Author
Name Editors of LIFE
The editors at LIFE vigorously carry on the traditions of excellence in photography, in journalism, and in telling the story of our country and our world which began with LIFE magazine in 1936 by founding editor and publisher, Henry R. Luce. They have published books on a broad range of subjects, including New York Times bestsellers One Nation, Picture Puzzle and The American Journey of Barack Obama.
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Publication Date April 13, 2010
Dimensions 8" x 10"
Number of Pages 128
Number of Photos 100 Photos/Puzzles