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USA Weekend The Big Book of Frame Games

FRAME GAMES, as seen every week for the last 10 years in USA WEEKEND magazine, are very popular and enjoyable word puzzles that represent a famous phrase, song, person, place, or movie in a unique, framed puzzle. By looking at the way the letters are formed and where they are placed in relation to the other letters, readers are challenged to piece together a solution. These artfully constructed brainteasers are a favorite among teachers, travelers, and puzzle-lovers alike. With 500 puzzles, this book is sure to keep you thoroughly entertained.

About the Author
Name Terry Stickels
Bio Stickels is well known for his three internationally syndicated columns. "FRAME GAMES" seen in USA Weekend magazine, is read by over 48,000,000 people in 700 newspapers weekly. He concurrently writes STICKELERS for King Features, appearing in over 200 newspapers daily. This column appears in such papers as The Washington Post, The Chicago Sun - Times, The Denver Post, and The Toronto Star. He also is the featured puzzle columnist for The Guardian newspaper, London's largest newspaper.
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Publication Date April 19, 2011
Dimensions 7" x 9"
Number of Pages 256
Number of Photos 100 full-color illustrations