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The Bible: 100 Ways It Can Change Your Life

Money. Relationships. Marriage. Conflict. Job opportunities. Who wouldn't want more wisdom in facing life's biggest challenges? The Bible makes a generous offer: "If any of you need wisdom, you should ask God, and it will be given to you. God is generous and won't correct you for asking" (James 1:5).

While many of us are familiar with the classic stories of the Bible-Noah and his ark, Jonah and his fish, Daniel and his lions-the Bible also offers practical, concrete advice for everyday living, for example:

  • Wisdom regarding our words: "You will say the wrong thing if you talk too much-so be sensible and watch what you say." (Proverbs 10:19).
  • Wisdom regarding our friendships: "Wise friends make you wise, but you hurt yourself by going around with fools" (Proverbs 13:20).

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