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GOLF The Best Putting Instruction Book Ever!

Much has been written about the putter (both the instrument and the one wielding it), but never like what you'll find in The Best Putting Instruction Book Ever!, your ultimate guide to learning how to read putts and stroke them consistently into the hole. In this fourth installment of best-selling lesson manuals, Golf Magazine assembles and all-star cast of putting experts-who teach a combined 200+ Tour professionals-to help you eliminate the fear and doubt you have about your putting game, and replace it with new, proven ways to make the putts you should (and a few that you shouldn't). The Best Putting Instruction Book Ever! covers every aspect of rolling the ball into the cup in never-before-seen detail, with research to back up every lesson and hundreds of full-color photographs that make the tips easy to follow, learn and repeat on the course.

About the Author
Name Editors of Golf Magazine
Bio GOLF Magazine has a total readership of 6.1 million.
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Publication Date October 26, 2010
Dimensions 9-5/8" x 9-5/8"
Number of Pages 192
Number of Photos 150 Photos