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Cooking Light First Foods

Baby Steps to a Lifetime of Healthy Eating

First-time parents aren't quite sure where to turn for reliable information on what to feed their babies, and more and more first-time parents are making their own baby food. Whether the goal is to save on grocery costs, to ensure their babies are eating only the cleanest food possible, or to reduce their family's carbon footprint with fewer packaged goods filling their buggies, the general interest of early childhood nutrition for young parents is overwhelming. And no new parent has a minute to spare, which is why the experts at Cooking Light have crafted recipes that are not only nutritious, but quick and easy to prepare as well. No fancy equipment and all-day cooking sessions required - this is a practical guide to feeding babies and toddlers from-scratch food. As America's #1 authority on healthy cooking, Cooking Light is well suited to give advice for parents of young children on what their children should be eating in those early years.

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Name Editors of Cooking Light Magazine
Bio Cooking Light, America's leading epicurean magazine and authority on healthy cooking, is dedicated to helping its more than 12 million readers eat smart, be fit, and live well. With a staff of registered dietitians and culinary professionals-and over 20 years of experience-Cooking Light is unrivaled in identifying emerging food trends and providing flavorful and healthful recipes as well as detailed information about healthy cooking techniques and tips. 
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Publication Date August 17, 2010
Dimensions 8-1/2" x 9-1/4"
Number of Pages 144
Number of Photos 300 Full color
Number of Recipes Over 100