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TIME 100 New Scientific Discoveries: Fascinating, Momentous, and Mind-Expanding Stories

In 100 New Scientific Discoveries, a completely fresh version of our 2011 book, TIME has gone in search of what you need to know now-the breakthroughs or insights that will change your world in ways you might never have imagined. We've divided the larger universe of science into 10 somewhat smaller galaxies, covering fields as diverse as cosmology and archaeology, technology and zoology, genetics and physics. Within each of those, we've found the stories that have moved their fields in the most significant ways: the Curiosity rover hunting for Martian life, the coming revolution in 3-D printing, the advantages of being an introvert, the discovery of the Higgs boson, the surprising depths of animal friendship, and the marvelous treasures from royal Mayan tombs.

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Name Editors of TIME
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Publication Date September 10, 2013
Dimensions 8" x 10-7/8"
Number of Pages 112