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TIME-LIFE The Civil War in 500 Photographs

From 1861 to 1865, the Wnited States of America was at war against itself. Spurred by a powder keg of slavery and states' rights, the Confederate States of America splintered from the Union. As the Federal forces waged war on the Southern army, it became clear that the Civil War would only be won at great cost to both sides.

From the generals and soldiers who fought on the field to the civilians, abolitionists, and slaves at home, the Civil War was defined by incredible heroism. This pivotal conflict is vividly chronicled on the pages of The Civil War in 500 Photographys.

About the Author
Bio For more than four decades, readers looked to TIME-LIFE Books for paths into new worlds, for entertainment, information, and authority. The newly re-launched imprint follows in that tradition with fresh perspectives on history, religion, science, culture, and modern mysteries. The newest title in the series, The Civil War in 500 Photographs, is a noteworthy addition, providing readers with brisk, authoritative, and visual content, all at an affordable price.
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Publication Date April 14, 2015
Dimensions 7-3/4" x 9-3/4"
Number of Pages 272