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Sports Illustrated Kids: All-Star Picture Puzzles

Taking the Picture Puzzle craze into a whole new arena, the editors of Sports Illustrated Kids have mined their amazing archive and transformed spectacular sports pics into mind-bending puzzles. Every spread in the Sports Illustrated Kids Sports Picture Puzzle book features two versions of a super sports photo--from football fields to fairways, from stadiums to skate parks to ski slopes! For each pair of pictures, the puzzler must find the differences between one photo and the next. Did a ball fly across a court? Did a shirt change its stripes? Maybe an extreme athlete did a 180? Perhaps a sports star tried on a new hat or grew a few inches... Perfect for sports fans and puzzlers, Sports Illustrated Kids Sports Picture Puzzle is an excellent mental workout. With more than seventy puzzles inside, each boasting anywhere from six to fifteen changes, these fun, challenging puzzles will entertain kids for hours.

About the Author
Name The Editors of Sports Illustrated Kids
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Publication Date May 13, 2008
Dimensions 8" x 10"
Number of Pages 176