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Melissa's The Great Pepper Cookbook: The ultimate guide to choosing and cooking with peppers

Peppers are hot-in every sense of the word. They add flavor and spice to thousands of dishes from a variety of cuisines, and inspire near-fanatical devotion in those who have succumbed to their fiery charms. Thanks to the restaurant industry's embracement of the vast variety of peppers beyond the jalapenos, home cooks are now looking to learn more about these piquant seed pods and cook beyond their comfort zone.

Melissa's Produce, the largest global distributor of fresh and dried peppers, introduces The Great Pepper Cookbook - which is sure to heat things up in your kitchen and life. This graphic and engaging book offers delicious, everyday recipes that show readers how simple it is to use 38 different fresh and dried chile pepper varieties. Each recipe offers a substitution guide, offering alternate pepper choices for those who prefer more mellow variations—or for those chileheads who want to crank the heat up to the max. Filled with brilliant, colorful photographs, clear recipes and clever tricks for handling the fruit, this book will be useful for readers at any level of experience. A useful bonus feature involves a pepper glossary with images, seasonality, and a Scoville chart heat rating. With The Great Pepper Cookbook, Melissa's will show readers exactly how to harness all the great potential of chiles: the world's hottest fruit.

256 pages include:

150 recipes and over 120 mouthwatering photos

Variety of tips and recipes for cooks of all experience levels

Comprehensive pepper glossary with exciting facts and images

About the Author
Name Melissa's
Bio Established in 1984, Melissa's World Variety Produce, Inc. is currently the largest distributor of specialty produce in the United States. With over 1,000 items available at any given time, Melissa's imports and distributes exotic fresh fruits and vegetables from around the world.
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Publication Date April 15, 2014
Dimensions 8" x 9"
Number of Pages 256