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Dadgum That's Good. . . and Healthy!: Lightened-up Favorites for Smoking, Frying and Grilling!

In his new cookbook, Masterbuilt CEO John McElmore lightens up 125 of his family's classic comfort-food recipes making them healthier without sacrificing flavor. Includes contributions from Sunny Anderson, Karli and Brandi Harvey, Mike Huckabee and Bobby Deen.The book contains tips on how to smoke, grill and fry to maximize flavor, but this time, with a healthier twist. After two successful cookbooks, Dadgum That's Good! and Dadgum That's Good, Too!, McLemore had a personal health wake-up call and he's now on a new journey to lighten up his favorite foods for everyone to enjoy. These down-home, soul-warming recipes are captured alongside heart-warming stories of John's family and friends.

Other Highlights Include:

Tips from 40 years of Masterbuilt know-how including detailed sections for choosing the best wood for smoking, optimal times and temperatures, and guidelines for choosing and preparing different cuts of meat.

The Make It Lighter sidebars show you how to further reduce calories and fat with tips like easy smoking techniques to maximize taste and flavor.

McLemore's Good For You notes tell you at-a-glance what health benefits come from his nutrient-dense recipes.

Each of the 125 recipes comes with a full list of Nutritional Information for keeping track of your daily intake.

As President and CEO of Masterbuilt, McLemore's love of good food runs deep and for more than 40 years his passion has been designing quality indoor and outdoor cooking equipment to inspire home cooks everywhere. 'Dadgum That's Good!'...And Healthy!' is the perfect book for a well-balanced lifestyle.

About the Author
Name John McLemore
Bio John McLemore is President/CEO of Masterbuilt Manufacturing, a 40-year-old company that manufactures quality indoor and outdoor cooking products. He is also the author and self-publisher of two successful cookbooks, Dadgum That's Good! (Nov. 2010) and Dadgum, That's Good Too! (Sept. 2012).McLemore is a leader in the manufacturing industry, exhibiting passion for product sales ever since his childhood. He is well-known for his expertise in cooking products, recipe tips, and creativity in solutions.His company is known for products including the first propane fish cooker, the user-friendly butterball indoor Electric Turkey Fryer, and the original Hitch Haul CargoCarrier. The complete line of outdoor and indoor products is designed with the consumer in mind. Products are sold throughout the U.S. and Canada, as well as parts of Japan, Central, South America, and China. The Masterbuilt focus on innovation, creativity, vision and good old-fashioned hard work has allowed it to experience tremendous growth over the years. It has evolved into a thriving manufacturer of products even including automotive cargo carriers, bike racks and accessories. Masterbuilt is located in Columbus, GA.
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Publication Date October 7, 2014
Dimensions 8-3/8" x 10-7/8"
Number of Pages 208